OHS Whole Body Vibration Monitors

OHS Whole Body Vibration Monitors

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Noise control is an integral aspect of any workplace
where loud machinery is used, such as in the mining
and construction industries. That’s because being exposed
to loud sounds and vibrations for long periods of time can
cause serious health risks to hearing, including:

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) – Noise
  • Temporary & Permanent Hearing Loss – Noise
  • Circulatory, Urological and spinal injury – Vibration

To ensure your workers are not subject to excessive exposure
to workplace Noise  and machinery vibration
Belcur has a range of Dosimeters, Noise Meters and
Multi-channel whole body vibration meters to monitor the
work place environment.

We also Hire a range of noise monitors & vibration meter.

WE ARE THE BEST COMPANY for Monitoring Compliance Equipment EVER !

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