Dust Monitoring Equipment Australia

dust monitoring equipment australia
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Dust Particle Monitors

Dust and Particle Environmental Monitoring Solutions

We can supply both Manual and fully remote monitoring

systems to suit any application of job site dust management and control.

TSI DustTrak, DRX, & the New EDT monitoring systems

simultaneously monitors:  Total, PM10, PM 2.5, PM1  density

The Newly released  EDT-DRX Remote Access system is especially

designed to monitor the most hostile location and environment.

2 Years Warranty on TSI systems

  • 8530 Tripod System
  • 8530 Tripod Systems with SMS Solar & Remote
  • 8533 Fixed System with Solar & SMS
  • 8533 Tripod System with SMS
  • EDT –DRX

Belcur Monitoring Solutions provides industry grade dust monitoring equipment for hire in Australia. Dust particles of different densities, including PM10, PM 2.5 and PM1 can be monitored using this advanced equipment on offer.

The best thing about our dust monitoring equipment Australia is that it allows for manual and remote monitoring operations” and then Bold dust monitoring equipment Australia in it. –one can opt for any of these options according to the situation and need. The remotely operated dust monitoring system is ideal for locations where manual monitoring is not feasible due to unfavourable conditions.

Dust monitoring is highly recommended for construction and mining businesses in order to preserve environment’s health. Offered TSI DustTrak, DRX, & the New EDT monitoring systems are available for hire at affordable prices; thus, it doesn’t take much of your investment to be a little considerate of environment. You can hire them for a one-off job or can purchase them for regular use –whichever way suits your needs the best.

This dust monitoring equipment comes with a tripod that facilitates its installation on uneven surfaces and ensures stability. Available in a compact size, it is easy to transport and store.


Find out more about Belcur here or view our environmental services guide.