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Specialist in Monitoring System & Environmental Compliance Services

Belcur is an independent company specialising in the hire and sale of high-quality compliance monitoring equipment.
We are committed to ensuring all Australians uphold their environmental responsibilities and maintain the highest Occupational Health & Safety standards on worksites.

We stock the most innovative noise, water, condition and dust monitoring equipment in the construction, mining and engineering sectors.
Our state-of-the-art technology and extensive industry experience will help you protect your workers, care for the community and meet your regulations.

We work closely with all our clients to design solutions that meet compliance requirements,
and also willingly provide educational one-on-one equipment tutorials and ongoing maintenance support.
We have the most reliable and comprehensive range of equipment to suit all applications.

Belcur is the sole Australian agent and distributor for Norsonic sound and vibration instruments.

Belcur Monitoring Solutions provides noise monitoring equipment for sale in Australia.
Noise monitoring equipment plays an important role in construction and mining industry.
Their role cannot be ignored in auditing the noise produced by machinery at the sites.
If you are running short on budget but still want to monitor the noise at your site,
we can let you hire noise monitoring equipment at a fraction of cost as compared to its purchasing price.

Belcur Monitoring Solutions can assure you of the best quality products at reasonable prices.
Whether you hire or purchase our noise monitoring equipment, you are sure to make the most of the amount that you will invest.
The modern noise monitoring equipment provided by Belcur Monitoring Solutions is easy to install and operate.
Moreover, you can remotely receive the noise monitoring report via SMS or over the internet.

Noise Monitoring Equipment for Sale

You can also seek us to hire water monitoring equipment or avail dust monitoring equipment for hire in Australia.

WE ARE THE BEST COMPANY for Monitoring Compliance Equipment EVER !

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