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Wide Range of Environmental Noise Loggers

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Belcur have a wide range of Environmental Noise Loggers
Standard Noise Loggers – Logs Lmax, Leq, L1 – L99
Noise Loggers with Audio recording
Noise Loggers – Logs all parameters in 1/3
SoundWeb – Remote Interrogation Noise Monitoring
system via the web. Noise data, audio, reports, SMS

Now you can hire noise monitoring equipment from Belcur Monitoring Solutions at a reasonable price. Belcur Monitoring Solutions is one of the leading providers of monitoring equipment for various industrial applications. The offered equipment help supervisors to keep a check on the noise levels and make sure that the set standards are not being breached.

Standard Noise Loggers

Belcur Monitoring Solutions offers noise loggers that can be easily installed anywhere for recording noise at the sites. After recording, it then sends the recorded noise in real-time over to the monitoring equipment for further processing. This advanced equipment can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis. At Belcur Monitoring Solutions, we understand the significance of precision when it comes to noise monitoring as well as keeping the noise levels under control; therefore, we tend to offer industry-grade equipment for ensuring high accuracy.

Noise Loggers with Audio Recording

Belcur is one of the trusted rentals in Australia providing sound level meters for hire to meet compliance requirements across diverse applications in construction and industrial environments. These handheld devices are easy to carry around worksites and can be set up where accurate acoustic monitoring is needed fast.

Besides noise and vibration monitoring equipment, we also provide dust monitoring equipment for hire, and in order to keep a check on water bodies around your industrial or construction setup, you can hire water monitoring equipment.

Belcur Monitoring Solutions has been in the industry for quite a long time, and we are widely acclaimed for offering quality equipment at the prices that are affordable for one and all.

Noise Loggers Leak Detection

Belcur Monitoring data loggers are used for the early detection of water leaks. The longer it takes to identify that a network is leaking, the more money is lost and the greater the loss of precious water resources. In addition to more conventional leak detection methods, such as electronic monitoring and scoping, installing permanent data logging level has proven to be a cost-effective way to identify leaks in water supply networks. By permanently monitoring sections of the system with known leak sources, Belcur’s technology will alert you when a potential leak develops so you can take quick action before it causes substantial damage.

Data Loggers & Leak Noise Loggers

Belcur’s advanced water data loggers are great for use with a wide variety of sensors to provide measurement range and control for all manner of applications. Their ease of use makes them simple enough for anyone to program, deploy and manage without spending years in school or working in the industry.

Leak detectors can be installed at easily accessed locations, like the entryway to the water pipeline. The listening devices record any unusual sounds levels that could indicate a leakage of some sort, like the sound of water escaping via thin cracks in the pipeline or weak joints. Loggers provide quick confirmation of leaks by monitoring for anomalies in the acoustic noise detected by the listening device at each known access point. Excellent analysis software plus flexible deployment options ensure you have an inexpensive solution that allows for a full commitment to your resources within your time frame.

Hire Noise Monitoring Equipment For Leak Location

At Belcur Monitoring Solutions, we know that leaks and noise pollution happen, and that’s why we’re here to help companies monitor for them at a reasonable price. We specialise in monitoring equipment and provide multiple solutions that provide instant results and help our clients be aware of and adhere to their legal requirements. Using the latest acoustic leak detection equipment, we make sure there is no chance for you to cut any corners as far as health hazards are concerned – because if it’s good enough for us to operate inside the premises without having to worry about such hazards, it should be good enough for anyone else as well!

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