Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

Water Quality Monitors

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Water Quality Analysers & Monitors

YEO-KAl 615 – for attended or unattended monitoring measures: Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Salinity, Conductivity, ORP Suspended Solids, with GPS locations on logged results. Sensor probes can fit in 45mm bores. Extensively used by 73% of Australian water authorities.

  • YEOKAL 615 with TDS Brochure

2 Years Warranty

The firms that operate around water bodies often resort to being indifferent to the water resources that are being contaminated due to their negligence. While there are firms that are willing to take measures to keep a check on water contamination, they don’t know how to get started. Belcur Monitoring Solutions can help you in this regard. We offer water monitoring equipment for hire for construction and mining companies so as to keep a check on the quality of the water bodies in the vicinity of their operation.

There are several attributes based on which the quality of water is determined; these attributes are turbidity, dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH level and the likes. The water monitoring equipment that we offer analyses the quality of water based on the aforementioned attributes. It addresses any discrepancy that may arise during the quality-check process so that the concerned organization can take necessary measures to take control over the situation.

We feel elated that our water monitoring equipment is used by many Australian water authorities and each of them is satisfied with the accuracy and convenience that this equipment offers.

Belcur Monitoring Solutions is the premier provider of monitoring equipment. Apart from water monitoring equipment, there is much more on offer: noise monitoring equipment, dust monitoring equipment, etc.

WE ARE THE BEST COMPANY for Monitoring Compliance Equipment EVER !

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