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Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

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Water Quality Analysers & Monitors

YEO-KAl 615 – for attended or unattended monitoring measures: Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Salinity, Conductivity, ORP Suspended Solids, with GPS locations on logged results. Sensor probes can fit in 45mm bores. Extensively used by 73% of Australian water authorities.


HORIBA U-50 series
Multi- Parameter water quality meters

for attended or unattended monitoring measures: Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Salinity, Conductivity, ORP Suspended Solids, with GPS locations and logged results.

Some of the Parameters Monitored With Water Quality Meters

Understanding the various parameters of water quality is essential for maintaining the health of aquatic environments and ensuring the safety of water used in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Our meters are designed to detect and analyse key indicators of water quality. Here, we explore some of the crucial parameters that our sophisticated instruments can monitor, ensuring that every assessment contributes to comprehensive water management solutions.

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is crucial for aquatic life. Our meters provide precise measurements to help you assess the health of water bodies. They quickly detect oxygen levels, enabling timely interventions to maintain aquatic ecosystems in balance. Whether it’s a bustling river or a tranquil pond, understanding DO levels helps protect aquatic life that calls these waters home.


Murky water often hides more than it shows. Turbidity, a measure of water clarity, can indicate pollution levels and the presence of harmful particles. Our turbidity meters deliver clear insights into water quality, helping you keep pollution in check. They are indispensable tools for anyone managing water treatment processes or monitoring natural waterways.


The pH level of water influences every creature that relies on it, making it essential to monitor for environmental stability. Our pH meters are designed for accuracy and ease of use, providing immediate feedback on water acidity or alkalinity. With these tools, you can maintain the perfect balance, ensuring that ecosystems thrive and water quality regulations are met with precision.


Conductivity meters measure the ability of water to conduct electrical current, which correlates to the concentration of ionic substances in water. This parameter is vital for assessing water purity and pollution levels. Our meters are calibrated to give you a clear picture of water health, aiding in everything from industrial discharge monitoring to ensuring the safety of drinking water.

Oxidation Reduction Potential

Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is a less commonly understood, yet vital, measure of water’s ability to cleanse itself. Our ORP meters offer valuable insights into the oxidative properties of water, indicating the presence of substances that can either purify or pollute. By monitoring ORP, you can gauge the oxidative stress in water bodies and take necessary action to preserve water quality.

Reliable Equipments Used to Measure Water Quality

If you are looking for reliable equipment to measure water quality, Belcur is here to be of service. We offer digital water quality monitoring equipment for hire, which helps ensure that the construction and mining industries can effectively monitor the health of the nearby bodies of water in which they are operating. The water level meter we provide is accurate, easy to operate, and designed to minimize, the amount of clean drinking water being wasted during testing procedures.

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