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Sound Level Meter Australia

Sound Level Measurement Techniques

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Noise control is an integral aspect of any workplace where loud machinery is  used, such as in the mining and construction industries. That’s because being exposed to loud sounds and vibrations for long periods of time can cause serious health risks to hearing,

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Temporary & Permanent Hearing Loss
  • Annoyance – Ambient Intrusive

To ensure your workers are not subject to sounds that are above safety standards and can cause hearing problems, you need to monitor and survey the noise levels in your environment. This is easily done by simply using the Sound Level Meter & Analysers Australia at Belcur. We have a large range of instruments available which are tailored to suit different monitoring needs and requirements.

We also supply and hire a customised range of noise loggers, both manned and unmanned, to meet Compliance Noise Environmental requirements.

Sound Level Meters Australia: Accurate Measurement Of Decibels

Sound is a very important indicator of the health of your workforce. The best way to get a precise measurement of the decibel of a certain sound is to get a sound level meter. A sound level meter will account for all the variables that can affect the outcome of your measurement. For this, Belcur is offering Sound Level Meter & Analysers. We have a large range of test equipment available for different monitoring needs and requirements.

We offer a complete range of sound level calibration services. Sound level calibration is a critical element for a successful noise control program. Sound meters are very intuitive flow meters tools that have a vast range of applications. They can measure sound during construction to ensure all machinery meets safety regulations, or they can measure noise pollution in the local area to ensure all businesses are compliant with regulations. Whatever the application, sound meters are useful tools that are smart for any business to have.

Areas Where We Use Sound Level Meters

Digital sound level meters are the devices that measure how loud sounds are. They are used to measure the intensity of sound or noise pollution in different places. For example, they could be used on planes, factories, concert halls, railway lines, warehouses, and roads to check whether too much noise is emitted by machinery, vehicles, etc.

Sound Level Meters for Trade and Industries

You may not realize it, but a compact digital sound level meter is an indispensable tool in the world of business. For a lot of companies, noise control is essential for productivity and even workers’ health. There are countless businesses out there using equipment that create excessive amounts of noise regularly throughout non-stop shifts. Inadequately controlling sound can be detrimental to any industry, trade or office working environment.

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